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Basics for Biking to Work


Marketplace at Fells Point Blog, Baltimore, MD  On-site bicycle storage makes commuting work with apartment life. Try these basic tips for biking to work to make your commute more healthy to you and the environment this summer.


Marketplace at Fells Point features convenient community and apartment amenities that make your life in Baltimore, MD easier. A notable one is our bicycle storage! As the weather warms and the days lengthen, now is a great time to try cycling to work or school. Today we have suggestions for how you can go about the endeavor efficiently.


Gear Up

You’ll need a few things to making biking work for you. First, start with the bike. If you don’t already have one and price is the biggest factor for you, check out Gear Patrol’s best commuter bikes for any budget. Bike Radar also has extra details and guides for everything you should know about commuter bikes. Check out these bike stores in Baltimore for personal advice and for trying out different options.


Other gear, of course, will include details like cycling outfits, a helmet, knee and elbow pads, light reflective vests, a bike tire pump, a bike lock, and other maintenance and emergency first-aid tools.


Plan Your Route

Use an app for cycling or a GPS like Google Maps to find your best route. This may or may not be the one you use for driving to work. It may even include using public transportation. Be open to new ideas and take a free day to drive it to see what road conditions to expect. Take note of hills and mileage so you’re not blindsided when you start.


Adjust Your Schedule

Biking may be slower than driving, but depending on whether you are early enough to beat traffic and how efficient your route is, it could take a lot of the pain out of driving. Give yourself time to make your route in a timely manner so not a burden for your work schedule. This may take waking up an hour or two earlier than normal, but that could also mean getting home earlier and establishing better sleep patterns in the process.


Work Up to Completing the Entire Commute

Unless you’re used to cycling, making your entire commute in one go will probably do a number on you, physically and emotionally. Before you make the jump to commuting by cycling, ride your bike around the neighborhood and surrounding areas, gradually building up to your ultimate route length and incorporating elevation changes into your practicing so you can be ready for your commute.


What other cycling tips would you add to our list? Share your ideas with the rest of us in the comments so we can benefit and better prepare for getting our bodies in shape and our schedule up to par for an environment-friendly commute. Good luck!