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Conversation Starters for Thanksgiving Dinner

Marketplace at Fells Point Blog, Baltimore, MD  Keep the conversation flowing well over the Thanksgiving table by trying these conversation starters.

In our last Marketplace at Fells Point blog post we suggested a few ideas for indoor activities you can try to keep your dinner mates occupied, energized, and entertained this Thanksgiving. Keep the atmosphere engaging all evening long by focusing on the dinner conversation! Try some of these ideas for interesting table talk.



— What’s left on your 2017 bucket list? Why do you want to do this or go there?

— What do you want to put on your 2018 bucket list? Why?

— What’s your favorite travel experience you’ve ever had? What was the best part about it?



— If you could have any career you wanted, what would it be, and why?

— What skill or hobby do you want to get better at?

— How do you think you can contribute to making your community a better place?



— What is your most embarrassing moment?

— What’s your earliest memory?

— What was your favorite gift you ever received?

— What was your first experience moving away from home like?



— Name one must-watch movie and another must-watch TV show and why.

— What is one thing you’re proud of about yourself?

— What’s the nicest thing you can remember that someone has ever said to you?

— What’s your favorite thing about one other person from the table?


You don’t have to bring up any of these questions exactly as they’re listed if it doesn’t feel natural to you. Make it a part of the experience and adjust your questions or conversation starters to what works for your guests. Greet each individual as they come, introduce people who aren’t familiar with others, and help everyone feel part of the same holiday celebration for a successful evening and you’ll do great!


Thanks for reading! We hope you find success with these ideas or any others you come up with this week. We hope everyone in our apartment community here in Baltimore, MD has a great Thanksgiving!