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Essentials for the Perfect Barbecue


Marketplace at Fells Point Blog, Baltimore, MD  Celerate National Barbecue this month by heading out of the apartment to a park near you and throwing a barbecue. Remember these essentials for a great outing.


Welcome back to the Marketplace at Fells Point Blog! Today we’re moving onto a month-long celebration appropriate for the start of summer: National Barbecue Month! May is the perfect time to bust out your grill or head to a park near you in Baltimore, MD to throw a great barbecue with your loved ones. Remember these essentials as you prepare for your next barbecue.


A Purpose

Giving a purpose to your barbecue is a great way to ensure people come and you actually follow through with your plans. Decide what type of gathering your barbecue will be. Having it be more of a potluck-style gathering can take some of the planning and executing loads off your shoulders. Just be sure to communicate what your expectations are (especially in terms of who is invited, when and where your barbecue will be, how long you expect it to be, and what items people should bring) with your guests so everyone can come prepared for a great time.


Great Food

This will probably be the main focus of your planning — and rightly so! Summer is the perfect time to fire up the grill for a juicy burger or a savory shish kebab. If you want a creative main dish, get inspired by the Food Network’s suggestions for mouthwatering grilled main dishes. We especially love the ideas for grilled lamb chops and a grilled pizza. And don’t forget the sides! CountryLiving’s 53 easy and delicious BBQ side dishes can add a lot of color and flavor to your plate. You can also stick to water or get creative with drinks by including things like summertime lemonade or soda.


Utensils and Trash Collection

These are easy to forget when the focus is so heavily on reserving a venue and making the food. But you never realize how much you need them until you don’t have them. So be sure to take with you a box or bag of silverware, napkins, cups, plates, bug repellant, blankets, containers for storing leftover food, and trash bags for your waste.



Activities are great for keeping the energy high when people are feeling lethargic from the heat and from being filled with good food. Plan a couple of activities for before or after the food is served. Games like Capture the Flag, Kick the Can, frisbee, or catch go over well and can be great ways to work off the food.


What other tips do you have for putting on a successful and memorable barbecue, whether it’s dedicated to a holiday or occasion or not? Share your ideas with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment. Enjoy!