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Games Everyone at Game Night Will Love

Marketplace at Fells Point Blog, Baltimore, MD  Invite a few friends over to your apartment for a game night this month. Try one of these great games.

Your apartment at Marketplace at Fells Point is a great place to host some friends for a game night before the summer is up. Be sure to include a wide variety of games people with all sorts of preferences can enjoy. Today on the blog we’re featuring a few games you can try to hopefully ensure everyone has a great time.


Game of Phones

Nowadays, most everyone has a phone, but instead of putting a taboo on them and forcing people to put them away during your next game night, embrace them! Use them as an asset by having people use their phones to accomplish a task in this game. The website calls it a “scavenger hunt on your phone.” We think it’s a great way to engage your players and add a bit of friendly competition to your game night.


The Game of Things

The “thing” game is a fun one to play to get your creative juices flowing and to even get to know the people in your group a little better. For each round, one person draws a card and announces to the group what the topic is, such as “Things you shouldn’t do with glue.” The other players write down their responses, and then in turn, people in the group try to guess which player wrote which response. Once they guess wrong, they’re out of the game for the round. The last person in wins the round. You can even tally up the points of how many correct guesses each person makes to see who wins the game after a few rounds.


Mafia or Werewolf

Add a bit of mystery to your game night by playing one of these classics. These games are essentially a murder mystery game. A few “afia members or werewolves choose to kill one person each round. Depending on the variation of the game you play, different players with special roles also come into play and try to catch the killers or save the innocents. The players in Werewolf can have similar or even more elaborate powers, depending on which cards you choose to put into play.


At the end of the night, the community comes together and players accuse each other of being the murderer. The goal of the mafia or werewolves is to kill everyone else, and the goal of the other community members is to beat the killers.


What are your favorite games to play at game night here in Baltimore, MD? Share your suggestions and recommendations with us in the comments so we can try them out. Have fun!