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Gratitude Tests to Assess Your Thankfulness

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November is the month to focus on being more of a grateful person, and we at the Marketplace at Fells Point apartment community in Baltimore, MD want to give you some great resources to figuring out where you’re at and finding ways to be more grateful. So have a little fun and try some of these gratitude “tests” to get a clearer idea of how thankful you are!


Gratitude Test (incorrectly attributed to Charles Schulz)

This test asks you to identify specific people who have won various famous, high-profile awards. Don’t study beforehand! We don’t want to give away the ending, but we’ll tell you that it’s not a quiz you’ll be graded on. The point is to help you see what sort of achievements and people really make an impact in your life, as opposed to the ones we sometimes think are the most important.


Gratitude Quiz by psychologists Mitchel Adler and Nancy Fagley

This multiple choice quiz gives you prompts to respond to according to how often you do a certain thing or how much you agree or disagree with a certain statement. It then gives you a numerical score out of 105 and a pretty accurate description of what that score translates into when it comes to your gratitude. One of our favorite parts is the section at the end with ideas for how you can develop your gratitude.


How Grateful Are You? Interactive quiz from Happier Human

This quiz also has you respond in terms of how strongly you agree or disagree with some questions, but only a comprehensive, short list of six questions. It then gives you a score of how grateful you are compared to other American adults. Make sure you read the seven gratitude exercises after your score so you can figure out how to trigger more frequent feelings of gratitude!


We hope these quizzes have helped you gain some insight about your level of gratitude. Computers and tests don’t know who you are as a person, so don’t stress if you didn’t get a score you hoped for. Try the suggestions this month and take the quizzes again to see what sort of a difference they made.


Thanks for reading!