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Have Your Best Semester Ever!


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Marketplace at Fells Point is located minutes from the University of Maryland, John Hopkins University, and many other educational opportunities. The fall semester is upon us here in Baltimore, MD. Whether it’s your first semester or your fifth, everyone could use a little motivation this time of year. We want this to be your best semester ever! Marketplace at Fells Point has plenty of perks to help you with your studies and your social life. Learn how to make this year the best school year yet in today’s blog.

  • Keep track of all classes, appointments, and meetings in a planner. Whether you like to take notes on your phone or prefer the paper version, using a planner is a great way to visualize your week at a glance and see just what you need to get done. Some people prefer color coded planners to help organize and keep track of events, due dates, and tasks.

  • Follow to-do lists. Making to-do lists isn’t just for your mom! This is another great way to know exactly what you need to get done each day or week. Start your to-do list with something simple like “eat breakfast” or “take a shower.” Crossing something off immediately will make you want to continue accomplishing tasks and marking them off.

  • Focus on your goals. Setting goals for the semester is a perfect way to stay motivated, but along the way reward yourself for your accomplishments. Be sure to pick something that will help you continue to achieve your goals — academic or otherwise! A new backpack, a phone case, or gym clothes are great places to start.

  • Study anywhere but your bed. Your room is for sleeping and relaxing, and studying in these places can bring on feelings of stress or anxiety when you’re trying to get some shut-eye. It can also make you more lethargic or make it easy to procrastinate your studies when you’re trying to get things done. So opt for a library, business center, study hall, or another place that’s quiet and conducive to studying to set you up for success.


Keep yourself on track, motivated and rewarded. Utilize all the resources that Marketplace at Fells Point offers, in and out of your apartment, and you’ll be on the right track all year long.

We hope that you have a great month here in Baltimore, MD!