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Horror Short Films to Set the Mood this Halloween

Three girls frightened by a scary movie
There’s no better time than now to embrace your fears and make the most of the upcoming holiday, Halloween. To get in the spirit of the season, we at the Marketplace at Fells Point Blog thought it would be a great idea to share some of the most frightening short films available on the internet. Many of these have won multiple awards and have even been adapted for larger projects as full-length feature films. Grab a blanket, turn off the lights, and enjoy watching these frightening shorts in your Baltimore, MD apartment.


Length 5:29

While this is not strictly a horror piece, the concept is quite frightening. Created by ex-Pixar animator Rodrigo Blaas, Alma received notable recognition after its release in 2009. After walking down an empty walkway, a little girl notices a doll that looks exactly like her in a shop window. Curious about the doll, she attempts to enter the shop. To her surprise, it’s not quite what it seems.

He Dies at the End

Length 4:29

You might be scared or you might laugh. A man working late in an office alone is surprised to see a prompt appear on his computer, asking him a series of questions. This short film does a fantastic job at building tension, and it has quite the surprise ending.

The Smiling Man

Length 7:03

A little girl is sitting alone watching a video when she sees a balloon in the hallway. Then she sees another. Each step she takes brings her closer to face something unexpected and maddening. Beware: this one has a little blood.

Midnight Snack

Length 5:01

The animation is great and the ideas are enough to make your skin crawl.

We hope you enjoy this month of frights! Let us know which of these videos made you scared in a comment below. Happy Halloween!