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How to Go Green Easily


Marketplace at Fells Point Blog, Baltimore, MD  Make going green an easy part of your life by trying these habits you can adapt to be good to the earth.


Welcome to spring at Marketplace at Fells Point! In December we posted about how to stay warm and energy efficient in your apartment during the winter, but we know we just skimmed the surface of being environmentally conscious in Baltimore, MD. We should be conscious of our effect on the world always, but now is a great time for a reminder, especially considering that the weather is clearing up and spring is here. Try these ideas for going green without breaking a sweat!


Know where you need to improve.

The best way to approach going green is to evaluate your lifestyle and look specifically for areas you should improve. This is especially impactful because it means you’re adapting your lifestyle in real, immediate ways to be more kind to the planet. Calculate your carbon footprint for the last year to see what habits you can change.


Power down.

Keeping lights, TVs, computers, game consoles, and even small appliances on or plugged in takes up a lot of energy, even if it’s just “sleeping.” So turn off your devices and unplug when you can to decrease the amount of energy you’re wasting.



Recycling is one of the best and easiest ways for you to lower the amount of waste you contribute to the world. Keep a separate bin for recycling near all of your trash bins, and check out what items can and cannot be recycled to do so effectively.


Use eco-friendly products.

Support businesses that are conscious of the planet by buying those items over items that have been produced unethically or through unsustainable means. Opt for making your own items yourself to cut down even more on the products you buy and use that you could go without. Cleaning products, hygiene products, and even the clothes and makeup you wear can be made at home without much effort.



Along the lines of eliminating the number of products you buy, you can also reuse items to stay more environmentally conscious. This leaves less of an impact not only on the earth, but on your wallet, too! Thrift shops are great examples of this. You can find inexpensive, quality items without buying too many new things. Donate to them, too, to cut down on your waste levels!


Use mindful transportation.

Here at Marketplace at Fells Point we have on-site bicycle storage, so use it! Consider biking to work or even using public transportation instead of driving, or make carpooling a bigger part of your life.


Of course, these are just a few ideas of the many. What other suggestions do you have for going green, living a sustainable lifestyle, eliminating waste in your life, or otherwise lowering your carbon footprint? Share your ideas with us by leaving a comment! Good luck!