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Pumpkin Creatures

Halloween pumpkins and candles
Hello Baltimore! Get creative this Halloween and turn your ordinary pumpkin into a cool and creepy creature! Our Marketplace at Fells Point Blog is sharing some fun ideas to help you transform your pumpkin into a decoration that is perfect for Halloween time.

Pumpkin Porcupines

Turn your pumpkin into a porcupine in just a few simple steps! All you will need is a hollowed out pumpkin, a drill, and some battery-operated white holiday lights. You can find the tutorial on Martha Stewart’s blog. Unlike real porcupines, these pumpkin porcupines are safe to touch.

Pumpkin Owls

These pumpkin owls are absolutely adorable and super simple to make! You will need a white pumpkin, a pencil for tracing shapes before cutting, a carving knife, a hot glue gun and hot melt adhesive, sunflower seeds (in shells), two crafts sticks, and a candle or battery-operated light.

Black Cat Pumpkins

Use faux pumpkins to make these pumpkins that look like cats for a craft that makes a fun decoration that you can use again next year! What you will need: faux pumpkin (any size), black exterior paint, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, foam paintbrush, black craft foam, medium tipped white paint marker, white craft paint, a small craft paintbrush, gray and light brown pipe cleaners, felt (light brown, gray, or red), and a black permanent marker.

Pumpkin Bats

These pumpkins made to look like bats are super cool and very fitting for Halloween. Make them using black acrylic paint, ornamental (miniature) pumpkins, black and white craft foam, hole punch, glue dots, black duct tape, toothpicks, and wooden skewers.

Fox Pumpkin

Turn your pumpkin into an adorable pumpkin fox with no carving required! Materials needed: an orange faux pumpkin, orange cardstock, a black permanent marker, off-white felt, scissors, and adhesive.

Raccoon Pumpkin

Transform your pumpkin into this adorable masked bandit without the mess of carving. You’ll just need a white paper cup, cardstock in black, white, and grey; black permanent marker; grey craft paint; and a foam brush.

Get creative this month and discover all sorts of ways to decorate and completely transform your pumpkin into something incredible to display in your Marketplace at Fells Point apartment!