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Relaxation Tips to Make Part of Your Daily Routine


Marketplace at Fells Point Blog, Baltimore, MD  Give yourself some tender love and care by making these practices part of your everyday life to relieve stress.


April is Stress Awareness Month, and we think that’s a great reason to start evaluating your stress level and looking for ways to take care of yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally here in your Baltimore, MD apartment at Marketplace at Fells Point. Try these ideas for relaxing and taking care of yourself to benefit from some tender love and care.


Practice positive self-talk.

It’s all too easy for us to think kindly of others but to assume the worst of ourselves. Stop always giving yourself a hard time for your feelings or actions by paying attention to things you love about yourself. Of course, positive self-talk doesn’t mean ignoring the ways you could improve. It means addressing those things and making real progress by focusing on the qualities and strengths that help you overcome your obstacles.



Journaling has all sorts of benefits, so start a virtual or physical one. Practice making love a part of your language (to yourself and others) by journaling what you’re grateful for, what you’re proud of about yourself, and what moments in life you want to remember. Be real with yourself, so write or take note of less “positive” things, like your struggles and what you learn from them. Writing down even a line or two a day can make a big difference in shifting your mindset to a more generous one, which can alleviate much of your stress.


Eliminate distractions.

Relaxation often means taking the worries of your life off your plate for an evening and simply letting yourself do what you want to do without getting stressed out about the world outside of your apartment. Turn off your phone, start a hot bath, put on a face mask, and pick up a good book or start a movie to give yourself a classic at-home spa experience for your body to relax in.


Mind your diet.

The foods you consume and the nutrients you receive have a big impact on how you feel physically, so be mindful about it and make efforts to eat balanced meals and drink plenty of water. Log your food with an app or in a notebook so you can look for areas to improve and have a healthier diet.



Similar to paying attention to what you eat and drink, working your body through regular exercise can give you stress-relieving benefits and can aid in improving happiness, losing weight, increasing energy levels, and reducing your risk for chronic diseases. Prioritize your short- and long-term health and look for exercises you enjoy doing, in or out of our community fitness center for an option that works for you.


What are your favorite ways to relax or otherwise eliminate stress in your life? Share your ideas with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! Good luck. We hope these thoughts help!