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Tips for Hosting a Dinner Party


Marketplace at Fells Point Blog, Baltimore, MD  Stay in for a relaxing but exciting evening by throwing a dinner party. Remember these tips to make it a great experience for everyone.


Welcome back to the Marketplace at Fells Point Blog! Summer is here, and in our previous few posts, we’ve embraced that fact by offering residents of our apartment community ideas for summer games and activities to partake in and workout tips to make the most of the weather and the season here in Baltimore, MD. If you prefer to stay in, though, consider having a great time by throwing a dinner party! Try the tips in today’s blog post for ideas.


Have a Theme

Have you been stressed out about what people would expect at your dinner party? Pick a theme! Themes help to guide your creative culinary prowess into making the perfect dishes, and it allows for you to pick decorations that will fit that theme. Themes are a great way to celebrate holidays, notable occasions, seasons, movies, fandoms, or even people! Don’t be afraid to get creative. Just be sure to communicate your theme to your guests so they can dress accordingly.


Accept Help

Every party is different, so however many parties you may have thrown in the past, it’s a good idea to take advantage of a few extra sets of hands for preparing food, decorating, and cleaning up. Ask anyone you live with to help with cleaning beforehand, too. You can even make your party a simple potluck-style gathering to make preparing food easier on you and your budget!


Set the Tone

Sometimes the people who are most important to you come from various stages of your life, so they might not actually know each other. Encourage guests to mingle and socialize, and be friendly and personable yourself so you can introduce people to each other and help conversations move along positively. Ask about people’s lives and be willing to genuinely listen to their answers, even though your mind may be on multiple aspects of the party. Keep things non-controversial yet meaningful. Be open to ideas for playing group games, if that’s how things go when the dinner talk is over.


What are your best tips and ideas for hosting a dinner party in your apartment? Share your thoughts with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! Happy July!